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40 Great Gulf Dr unit 39, Vaughan, ON
Ultranixx In Frozen Rain

Kinghome Ultranixx: The Real Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump

As the leading HVAC brand in North America, Kinghome takes pride in incorporating cutting-edge technologies from Gree into all our products.

Engineered for Canada: The Kinghome Ultranixx Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump stands out as one of the few authentic Cold Climate Heat Pumps available. Tailored to Canada’s diverse climate from 28°C to -30°C.

Unmatched Efficiency: With the patented two-stage compressor and vapor injection technology, the Kinghome Cold Climate Heat Pump can deliver 100% heating capacity even at -20°C for the 2-ton unit, ensuring reliable performance down to -30°C across the entire series (2-5 ton units).

Exceptional Quality: Boasting a failure rate of just one in a million, our product surpasses the industry average by 10 times. With a longer lifespan, leading to substantial savings in household expenses through eco-friendly energy usage over the next 10-15 years.

Kinghome’s products have been fully launched in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Please contact your local distributor to obtain our products.

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